Songs That Will Be Performed by Our 1000 Musicians


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The songs will be recorded and played exactly as we will play them that day.

Stay tuned as the song list gets completed.

Song List – In Order Of Play

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Song #1 Long Way To The Top - AC/DC
Song #2 Big League - Tom Cochrane
Song #3 Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
Song #4 Raise a Little Hell - Trooper
Song #6 Could Have Been a Lady - April Wine
Song #7 Fly at Night - Chilliwack
Song #8 Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
Song #10 New Orleans is Sinking - Tragically Hip
Song #11 Riverboat Fantasy - David Wilcox
Song #12 Rockin' In The Free World - Neil Young

Musicians – General Information


Instructions for Musicians



Drummers Need To Know

Set up for drummers on field to commence at 3:00 PM
You will have volunteers available to help you carry your equipment onto the field. 

Notes for Drummers

1. It is suggested that drum kits be limited in size due to space limitations for storage and setup on the field. We are asking each drummer to limit their set to the following pieces of equipment:

  • Bass drum
  • Floor Tom
  • Snare
  • High hat
  • 2 cymbal stands
  • toms over bass
  • Drummer throne
  • Carpet or floor mat no bigger than 6’ x 6’


Drum Kit

2. Drummers should bring a piece of carpet or other material to set their drums up on. The carpet should be no more than 6’ x 6’. We will be the most level ground for setup but if you do not have a carpet or other piece of thicker material, you will be playing on grass.
3. There will be a 1/2 hour instructional seminar for drummers time TBA.

Guitarists and Bass Guitarists Need To Know
Notes for Guitarists and Bass Guitarists


  1. Please use practice amps for this performance – we do not want to see stacks
  2. Please bring a 25’ extension cord with you
  3. Acoustics are allowed but you may not be heard. We suggest some form of amplification.
  4. There will be a 1/2 hour instructional seminar for guitarists time TBA
Singers Need To Know

Microphones will be provided for all singers. We are anticipating 4 singers for every microphone so be prepared to share.

There will be a instructional seminar for singers time TBA

Volunteers Need To Know

Volunteers will be asked to arrive on site by 10:30 AM at which time you will be assigned to a “crew”. Your crew chief will give you a brief rundown of your responsibilities for the day.

If for any reason you need to leave early or cannot do the task assigned by the crew chief just let them know and we can find you something else. There will be several different tasks and we will need many people for each crew.

We will be giving all volunteers time to enjoy the event so there will be numerous breaks during the day to allow for that. When you need a break, just talk to your crew chief so he / she knows you will be away from your station or task.

If any volunteers are planning to be a part of the main event, please let your crew chief know so they can arrange to cover your post while you are playing.

Volunteers will be able to park for free behind the main building.

If you plan on leaving the event early, let us know so we can arrange an easy exit for you.

Meet The Conductor / Musical Director – Roger McLaughlin
Roger was born and raised in Niagara Falls and comes from a family of music lovers. He stepped into the music world at the age of 12 playing a one-valve bugle in the local Air Cadet band. Roger attended AN Myer high school in Niagara Falls and once there graduated to the trumpet. Roger was a member of the infamous A.N. Myer Jazz bands that swept through and dominated every music competition at the local, national, and international level.

At the end of high school his best friend, the world famous saxophonist Robert Bonisolo, gave Roger a starter acoustic guitar. Roger spent a lot of time with that instrument teaching himself how to play and after several years he saved his money and bought a real guitar – an American Standard Strat. At this point, his world changed.

In 2003 Roger started jamming with a colleague from the U.S. who had a significant amount of experience in bands. After a few months of jamming, they decided to form a band called The Shrubbers and get out and play at local taverns. Their first gig was to a completely packed house at the Merchant Ale House in St. Catharines.

Roger has been involved with several other bands since The Shrubbers touring the Niagara area. Some of you may remember his last band Saints and Sinners. Local Legend Rick Rose calls on Roger on an as needed basis to fill in where needed.

Roger is also a professor at Brock University and an inventor. He is married with one child and lives in Niagara Falls, Canada.